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Voice: Efficiency at IID a good idea, but don't take it to stupidity

February 01, 2002

Responding to Toni Holtz letter: I agree Imperial Irrigation District needs to maintain efficiency, within reason. Sometimes too much efficiency can lead to stupidity. An example would be if both Holtz and myself were invited to the same wedding and we appeared wearing only shorts and a T-shirt. We are being efficient. By not buying a suit we have saved money. I don't think the bride and groom would care for our attire and we probably would be thrown out.

Another example: too much efficiency can lead to lack of compassion.

Some companies were purposely eliminating employees who were above the age of 40, because employees' above 40 generally receive higher pay, have more medical expenses, are considered less productive and are the ones who will draw retirement pay. By removing some of these people, the companies were saving money.

At the IID the oldest employee is Lloyd Allen, who is 72 years old. It isn't right to be against an individual because of his age. If a person wants to work until the age of 100, I believe he has a right. I am against Allen not because of his age but because he has sold the community down the river by giving our jobs to Asplundh and Irby. He doesn't have a heart for our children who need jobs, and he is more interested in catering to the greedy farmers.


Sometimes we have to be inefficient for our convenience and well-being. An example would be buying a family van for the wife. It's more expensive than a Honda Civic and requires more gas. But it makes the wife happy because it's easier to transport the kids and haul groceries around.

Irby and Asplundh have a $14 million contract. Their profit will be between $3 million and $6 million. To give away 200 jobs, and allow these companies to make a major profit off us, isn't efficiency but is stupidity.

Many farmers are hurting because they made bad financial decisions. The Valley isn't responsible for their debts. The true definition of efficiency is to spend your money wisely. That is all we require from the IID. To listen to the farmers would result in illegal aliens working at the IID and IID's parking lot being filled with Mexicali license plates.



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