Voice: Elect IID directors not purchased by water-marketing interests

February 01, 2002

Because of the lack of effective planning of Salton Sea, there are Salton Sea residents who oppose there being a water transfer.

I support the transfer of 200,000 acre-feet of water to San Diego, for I think that the water shortage crisis in the urban area of Southern California is more serious than they will admit, and that it would be like yelling fire in a crowded theater to stop this transfer.

Notwithstanding, there are many bad water-transfer policies that need to be changed. But the majority of the Imperial Irrigation District board members are bought and paid for by the water-marketing interests, and they are hanging tough.

For example, the word is that IID will not change the "state jurisdiction" statement in the petition.

"Allocating water to the gate" is being proposed as the way to manage IID's entitlement water. This means the landowners will own the water rights and the present trusteeship held by the IID will be broken.


In the absence of an alternative, these board members will say: We have no other choice.

Therefore, I submitted a water-management proposal that does not include allocating water to the gate. No doubt, these board members will ignore this alternative.

In conclusion:

(1) I support a 200,000 acre-foot water transfer to San Diego.

(2) The bad water-transfer policies need to be changed.

(3) We need to elect IID representatives who are not bought and paid for by the water-marketing interests.


El Centro

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