Voice: Puffed-up buffoon ruins something nice

February 04, 2002

God protect us from fools such as Mr. Benjamin Reyes from New York.

Mr. Reyes' self-aggrandizing tirade only proves him to be a puffed-up, ignorant buffoon who became so enamored with his own importance he forgot to follow his own preaching. If he knows so much about journalism, why did he fail so miserably to check his facts before putting his foot in his mouth?

The Gilbert Otero in the article about the beautiful young lady is not the district attorney. Rather, he is an outstanding musical performer who has the potential of being a professional in any arena he might choose. We who know him are very proud of his accomplishments as we are of Mrs. Otero who is an excellent and valued employee of a local bank.

Ms. Otero has obviously been loved and nurtured by her family and as a result, has excelled in her chosen field of study. UC Irvine is an excellent school with exceptionally high standards and a very large student population.


Being accepted in UC Irvine is in itself an honor. Having earned a place on the dean's list, Ms. Otero has made us here in the Valley very proud and happy for her and we thank her for sharing this honor with us.

Shame on Mr. Reyes for putting so little value on what accomplishments he proclaims to have attained. I, for one, question his credibility and if I were his boss at the New York Times, I would be sorely tempted to hand him his walking papers.

Mr. Reyes owes this beautiful young lady a king-sized apology for unnecessarily putting a cloud over a joyful occasion. He also owes her family as well as the I.V. Press a big apology.

Ms. Otero, unfortunately, this is not the only nitwit to which you will be exposed during your career. I am joined by many who wish you well and know you will rise above such small-minded utterances. We in the Valley are very proud of you and all the other many Valley young people who excel in every field of endeavor.


El Centro

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