Voice: Wake Avenue a hazard to the many pedestrians

February 05, 2002

El Centro city manager:

In December 2001, I spoke by telephone to the receptionist/secretary of your office explaining in detail my great concern for the traffic hazard on a street in your city of El Centro. That street is Wake Avenue. Wake is a short street, approximately one to two blocks long, but it has much vehicle and walking traffic.

The present operating businesses that line or are affected on this busy street are: 1) Max Foods, 2) Desert Trails RV Park Resort, 3) Broken Spoke Golf Course and driving range, 4) Social Security, 5) An unknown business, 6) Jacques 'N Jill Health Club, 7) Home Depot, 8) Taco Bell and 9) Direct Auto Plaza.

Plus it is apparent, by visual construction currently going on, that two more businesses will soon be in operation on this road. Any one or all bring in many people. Desert Trails alone has 408 spaces, the majority of residents being senior citizens.


I have noticed that there appears to be many older residents who walk to the Social Security office, with little children running alongside etc.

There is not one posted traffic speed control sign on this street. I have observed extremely fast speeds by vehicular traffic at many times. Therefore it is "carte blanche" for each individual driver in a vehicle on this street to determine their own vehicles' speed.

When leaving any of these above listed facilities, except Max Foods, there is only one other "stop" sign posted. Therefore, again, the individual driving the vehicle determines if he/she should "stop or not"! And that is most evident when you observe the area.

Another thing that I have noticed is the lack of "named and posted" street signs for the new additional street, upon which the Social Security office is located. Perhaps this needs to be addressed also. (However, I recognize this issue is not a hazard to health.)

At the time I originally spoke to the city manager's receptionist/secretary, I requested a return call or communication from your office as to this subject. She stated that she would put in the request. To date I have received not one iota of communication.

As the gift of life is a valuable gift, please don't procrastinate and possibly damage or lose a life but look at this problem/situation objectively.


(a snowbird)

El Centro

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