Voice: Teacher doesn't belong in the classroom

February 11, 2002

On Monday, I finally got a chance to sit down and read my Sunday paper. When I got to the editorial section I about fell over in my chair as I read the letter from Mr. Woeten, and his aide friend Mrs. A.

I cannot believe that these two uneducated, uncaring people are even allowed in a classroom, let alone in a special education classroom. Who are they to group all special ed children as "drug babies."

My son is now grown and in the military. However, he has a learning disability that he will never outgrow. This was not caused because I took drugs, but because I was lucky enough to be born into a family that all had the same learning disability.

Yes my parents both had it, therefore, I had it and passed it onto my child, and my child most likely will pass it on to his children. I fought hard to have my son educated so that he would be a productive member of society.


Mr. Woeten, if my son had had a teacher like you I would have had him pulled out of your class so fast it would have made your head spin. It is because of people like you, who say it is hopeless and a waste of your time to teach our special children, that make a loving parent want to pull their hair out in an already frustrating situation.

For a man who was in the military and traveled all over the world, you sure the heck did not learn very much about real life, nor the different types of disabilities that are surfacing that have nothing to do with what Momma took or didn't take while she was pregnant.

God help us all if there are more teachers in the system like you and Mrs. A.

P.S. If MY child had been in your class for those two weeks, you better believe that my lawyer would be calling on you faster then it took one of your students to answer the question, "How are you today?" Have you thought of early retirement, because you don't belong in a classroom with anyone's children.



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