‘Rolling meth lab' stopped in Calexico

February 11, 2002|By DARREN SIMON, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — Police here broke up what they called "a rolling meth lab" when officers made contact with a motorist for a traffic violation this morning.

Arrested were Jose Manuel Franco, 29, of Calexico and Jorge Rubio, 27, of Holtville. Both were booked into the county on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance. Both had bail set at $100,000.

The arrests came shortly after midnight when Calexico police Officer Eric Hackett took note of traffic violations of a driver in the 100 block of Banagas Street. Hackett was going to attempt a traffic stop, but the driver parked before Hackett had a chance to flash his lights

Upon making contact with the driver, identified as Franco, Hackett found he neither had a driver's license nor any identification.

When Franco stated his name, a search indicated he was driving on a suspended license, Hackett said. He also said both Franco and his passenger, Rubio, seemed nervous.


Hackett said there was good reason for the two to be nervous.

He alleged marijuana was found on Franco and during a search of the car's trunk, "a rolling meth lab" was found consisting of materials to manufacture methamphetamine and a "usable" amount of the drug.

Both men were arrested. Along with the counts of manufacturing a controlled substance against both men, Franco was arrested on other counts, including driving with a suspended license and possessing marijuana.

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