Voice: Paul Rodriguez Street effort continuing to gain steam

February 12, 2002

Continued from a Voice of the People letter from January ….

I want to fill you in on the latest. For the past six months I have been going back and forth to see my brother who moved to Palm Springs and there are all these names on the roads. "Bob Hope Drive, Frank Sinatra Boulevard, Gene Autry Trail, Dinah Shore Boulevard," etc. It made me think, who do we have here in the Valley? Whose name could we put on a street?

Pancho Villa, Benito Juarez, Cesar Chavez? OK, but past heroes …. .

Who do we have today, right now? Someone dynamic. It was bugging me for a long time. Who do we have in the Valley who has done really good work, a powerful Latino that our youth could associate with and whose name would inspire positive feelings about Latinos?

Then I went to the show in January at the El Centro Police Athletics League and for some reason it all clicked!


Paul Rodriguez was there and has been coming to the Valley (three times already) and for FREE, all to benefit the PAL! Here is this good man who isn't even from here and he is helping us with our children! VOILA! There is a name! Finally it just clicked.

So out of my heart came this little letter where I mentioned it. How nice it would be, that's all. I had no idea what a stir it would make!

We have interest from a lot of different companies and businesses: Government Agencies Federal Credit Union, Imperial Valley College, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Postal Service, Penny Shopper, Imperial County Office of Education, Regional Occupational Program, U.S. Gypsum, Rosson Realty, La Fonda! Can you believe it?

We need 2,000 signatures from El Centro registered voters. Surrounding area signatures will not hurt, either, to show support.

So be looking out for this list at these companies and businesses and sign in. We need you to make it happen, because we can't do it without your support!

P.S: Paul read the letter, too, and he was so excited he says he doesn't care if they name an alley for him, he is just tickled pink!


El Centro

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