Voice: Hernandez was bad for Central district, would be bad for IID

February 14, 2002

Credibility, good judgment and loyalty constitute a triad of trust and are the hallmarks of good leadership. Elected leaders of our republic are charged by the governed they serve with employing a triad of public trust in the halls of government.

United Taxpayers of Imperial County recently held a question-and-answer forum for candidates seeking seats on the directors' board for Imperial Irrigation District. Attending the forum, John Hernandez — candidate and big loser at the polls of his trustee's seat on El Centro high schools' board — affirmed that there is a "duplication of services in IID"; and because there are "no guidelines being followed, favoritism is practiced by IID in its donations to Imperial Valley College and Pioneers' Museum." Such statements by Hernandez are bald lies and portend how he will act on IID's board: treacherously and boorishly.

As school board president, he schemed, plotted and shamelessly prolonged his presidency into a second consecutive term — unprecedented in its blatant rudeness, as yearly presidential rotation is the accepted school board format — offering a stick-to-the-eye to all that disagreed. An Imperial Valley Press editorial correctly labeled him "a divisive force on the board and in the community."


Hernandez' goon-like antics at school board meetings — during which he would walk out on speakers, show up fellow board members and threaten to call the police on Hispanic mothers of district kids — was succinctly termed by Lidia Hernandez of Heber in "Voice of the People" as "an excellent example of arrogance and self-service" and revealed his contempt for education and government.

Central Union Trustee Lee Hindman said after Hernandez' beating, "I'm looking forward to working with a new board member."

Replacing Hernandez on the board, Steve Walker said, "the worst thing a new board member can do is start talking about drastic, radical changes."

Walker's words are a post-mortem of Hernandez' defeat — Hernandez saw to the departure of superintendent John Anderson and the disastrous appointments of Jorge Parra, M.T. Gonzalez and Superintendent Ricardo Medina, then stupidly told the public about Medina, "the guy is talented," — and they are prescient about the clear and present danger Hernandez is to IID and all of us.

With apologies to Beatles fans, "picture yourself in a boat on a river," with the reptilian John Hernandez — squatting on the IID Board of Directors — a guy "with kaleidoscope eyes." Peer into the kaleidoscope of Hernandez' eyes and glean the wag's saying, "he knows so little — and knows it so fluently."


El Centro

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