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IID board: don't let worries about micromanagement deter you

February 16, 2002

I'm disappointed that the Imperial Irrigation District board has not put a goal (amount of money that should be saved) by the efficiency committees. Even a goal to save even $7 million, which is less then a quarter of the estimated money, is going to be a big challenge to the committees.

The committees are mostly managers. The problem is that half of them are going to put in 110 percent to achieve the savings and the other half is going to fight all the way to keep the status quo.

Because there's no accountability, the ones fighting to keep the status quo have the upper hand (the IID is not going to fire them). They don't want to give up the perks, don't want to give up their little kingdoms, don't want be responsible for their decisions that cost the IID money, don't want to be exposed as not the sharpest pencil in the box. If this is not changed the savings are going to be minimal. The one question is why is the IID in this mess.


For many years the board has let the "managers" use the powerful word (micromanage). This word, for whatever reason, it ties the hands of the board, and the status quo is maintained. Because of this powerful word the board has put the fox in the hen house, and the chickens are disappearing.

The board has asked what happened to the chickens. Management says, "Ah ha" you are micromanaging. Oh by the way, we need more chickens. The $800,000 plus study mentions that having the fox in the hen house is not a good idea, especially when there's no accountability. The IID board is elected to run the IID.

You, as the board, have the right to ask why voted-on agendas are not being completed on time and to ask why management is not doing their job.

This is not micromanaging — making them accountable, holding their feet to the fire. Take control and don't let a little word like micromanagement keep you from doing your elected duty.



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