INS agents union supports Mendoza for sheriff

February 16, 2002

Dear Mr. Mendoza:

This letter will confirm the decision of the National Immigration and Naturalization Service Council Local 2805 to support you in your campaign for sheriff-coroner Imperial County.

When you are elected sheriff we look forward in working with you together as a team, and are encouraged by your pledge to work in cooperation with our offices in Imperial County.

Mr. Mendoza, when you are elected sheriff, your ideas on the booking in and out of INS detainees will improve the safety and the work environment for our union members.


Our union members at the INS work sites in El Centro, Calexico, Imperial, Andrade, Calipatria and Centinela, look forward to working with you as the sheriff of the Imperial County.


Senior vice president

AFGE/NINNSC Local 2805

San Diego

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