Make yourself aware

February 16, 2002

A critical election is fast approaching. There are key local elections for those running for county sheriff, county supervisor, Calexico City Council and the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors. There are key state and federal elections as well that could have a major effect on the Imperial Valley.

That is why people must make themselves aware of the issues. One of the best ways to do that is to attend local forums put on by local organizations. These groups deserve much credit for taking the time to sponsor such events. What forums do is give the public a chance to hear what the candidates have to say so they, as voters, can make informed decisions.

But the forums serve another purpose. They give the voting public access to the candidates and a chance to raise questions so they can get the answers they desire. That is what the democratic process is all about and why it is so important that people attend the forums.


Some forums have already been staged, but there still are others later this month. We suggest people look to this newspaper for the dates and times of those forums. We understand that most people do not have a lot of time in their busy schedules to attend forums. Still, it doesn't take much more than an hour or two out of a schedule to attend a forum.

Actually, turnouts have been anywhere from OK to great at local forums this election season. We encourage you to attend the events and join the crowds.

Sure, you may have to give up a night of TV, but most of us have VCRs. If agencies and groups are taking the time to attempt to inform the public on issues, the public needs to show that it wants to do what it can to stay informed.

If you cannot attend forums, over the next few weeks this newspaper will be running candidate profiles of those seeking office. You can rest assured we will be at the forums so we share with you what the candidates have to say about the issues that face us all.

It is imperative that you take whatever steps you can to make sure when you go to the voting booth you will be an informed voter.

Do not let people take office without you exercising your right as an American to cast a ballot. It is your way of sending a powerful message as to the issues about which you are concerned and the issues that touch all our lives.

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