Thieves rip off newly planted trees

February 16, 2002|STAFF REPORT

CALEXICO — Thieves ripped six Indian laurels out of the ground Wednesday night, hours after the trees were planted near the corner of Meadows Road and Zapata Street.

Calexico Beautification Commission Chairman Javier Gonzalez did some freelance forensic work at the scene of the crime.

He determined someone, "got them into a car or something. There is some soil on the road and on the sidewalks."

Calexico police Lt. Jim Neujahr said there are no leads on the identity of the thieves.

He said the laurels were 7 to 8 feet tall with a base of approximately 2 1/2 feet.

He said it is possible one really strong guy or more than one person was able to strong-arm the trees out of the ground.

"They had just put (them) in that same day," he said.

Neujahr didn't know if the trees were replanted in the country somewhere, put on the local black market or spirited to Mexicali.


The investigation is ongoing.

Just the day before, the Beautification Commission had a tree-planting ceremony to celebrate the planting of almost 900 new trees throughout the city.

The mass planting was made possible by a state grant and a donation from Centinela State Prison.

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