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Voice: Bullfighting unfairly maligned in letter

February 17, 2002

To Ms./Mrs. Carla Bennett of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals of Norfolk, Va., on her letter to Voice of the People on Jan. 31:

No! Do not stay away from bullfights! Go and see and enjoy one of the oldest spectacles in the world!

Bullfighting is a spectacle of ancient origin in which men perform with a 500-kilo or more bull especially bred to try to kill men! A form of bullfighting was known on the island of Crete 2,000 years before Christ. Since then bullfighting has flourished in Spain, Portugal and Latin America — especially México, where it is the "national sport/pastime."

Not only what you claim about the bulls being "drugged" is false but also against the "rules" of bullfighting. A bull before being sent out to the ring passes a weight test and a visual test by a licensed veterinarian, and also must be approved by the judge of the plaza.


The bulls are taken care of and fed in a corral two to three weeks before the "corrida" in which they will perform in order for them to recover from the long road trip they take from their home ranch to the plaza where they will be fought.

Have you ever tried to put vaseline into the eyes of a 500-kilo bull designed to kill men? I don't think that's an easy task if you ask me. It is obvious to me you have never seen a bull run out of the "toriles" place where they are kept before they are sent to the arena.

They come out running. They are very fast, strong and very aware where they are at.

I admit the horses used are old but not drugged like you say.

I'm sorry but I disagree with 100 percent with you on this. I have seen this firsthand and what you say is not correct. Wet newspaper is not stuffed in their ears and their vocal cords are not cut so the audience can't hear their cries. Cries of what? They are protected by quilted padding all over their bodies. The horse wears a blindfold so it will not see the bull and get scared. In 20 years of attending bullfights, I have never seen a horse get gored like you say and spill out anything.

If what you say is true, do you think bullfighting would have lasted so long? Since 1090 when the Arabs invented (Tauromachia) bullfighting the spectacle has evolved a lot. You think if what you say is true they'd be over 400 arenas in México, over 500 in Spain, also in South America, Peru, Venezuela, and Colombia? You think 50,000 people at the world's largest bull ring, Plaza Monumental Mexico in Mexico City, would fill it every Sunday when the big season is on if you're statements were true? I don't think so! Viva la Fiesta Brava!

P.S. If you or anyone else would like to see a bullfight the next one is scheduled for March 17 in Mexicali at the Calafia bull ring! Enjoy.



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