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Voice: Children with autism are not drug babies

February 17, 2002

Dear Mr. Woeten:

First thing I would like to say is I cannot believe the letter I read on the so-called "drug babies." You are supposed to be a teacher out there to help special ed kids, not to say there is no hope because they are "drug babies."

My son has a severe speech disorder to where he struggles to speak every day, and guess what? He is not a so-called drug baby. He has autism and you can't imagine the pain I see him go through on a daily basis trying to talk the best he can.

I was worried about the children in his school, that they would laugh at him or make fun of him because of his speech, but that is not the case. They are all wonderful to my son.


It is teachers like you who parents with disabled kids need to watch out for.

Another thing, Mr. Woeten, when did you get your degree as a medical doctor stating that these kids will never be cured? If you don't know this by now you never will: not any two kids are the same, no matter what the disorder.

Please do us parents all a favor and get another profession and take Mrs. A with you.



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