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Voice: Saudi Arabia needs to start taking responsibility

February 17, 2002

I greatly admire President Bush for his humanitarian view in the recognition of the Taliban, despite that it was due to the noisy pressure of the "cry baby" Arab world, who ironically teach their populations to "hate America and Americans" and who have incited this reversal decision about the treatment of the Taliban.

After all, they recognized the Taliban, we didn't. I feel they have abused and manipulated our judicial system and cried "wolf" too many times. Soon the American people will chose not to listen anymore.

But I have a question. Now that we are going to show them this recognition, who is going to foot the bill? Who is going to pay for this act of irresponsibility of 9/11 damage that was done to the World Trade Center? The Pentagon? For the loss of the lives of the people? To the airlines? To the entire world's economy, which the United States leads a most important part?


This was no act of God. This was an act of irresponsibility. Saudi Arabia, for one, where many of these terrorists spawned from, especially, with their poisonous teachings, who program children to believe that Islam is everything, and that the Muslim has a right to do, and act, whatever the cause because of what "they" perceive as "truth" is to be done. Are we supposed to believe that the entire world's other peoples, that other beliefs represent "falsehood"? As if God picks favorites?

Such an overinflated and haughty ego, it reels me over with its puffed-up "superiority." They teach, from the youngest age, that anyone who is not Muslim is the enemy and that all forms of government are evil. They are programmed in school, then they encounter it again at their mosques and again through their "select media." The fault lies with their education, with the upbringing of their children, with their own intolerance; not with our American society.

They don't want to accept because it's easier to believe what they chose to believe. And "change" (even for the better) is difficult. God can be found only in truth, and truth does not lie, repress, puff up or alter to suit its own needs.

If one of our sons or daughters happened to be outside playing baseball and hit a baseball through your neighbor's plate glass window, who pays for that? That's right, you do for many reasons, mainly to take responsibility and to maintain peaceful relations with you neighbor. But more importantly, morally, for among "honorable" people, we feel "honor-bound" to do what is right.

Saudi Arabia's 15 terrorist hijackers (mainly students) were granted hospitality by being granted visas to come to the United States and study here. They grossly abused this privilege and caused unprecedented damage to the United States and the economy of this entire world's people. I feel that Saudi Arabia is "honor-bound" to pay restitution.

It's time to address this problem at its true source, and create a meaningful deterrent for any future terrorism acts. Why should all of us pay for the sins of their biasedly brought up and educated sons?


Salton City

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