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Voice: Just tell him the price!

February 18, 2002

I decided to go for the rebate on air conditioners but I could not find one dealer who would tell me what I would be paying for the air conditioner.

As a customer I have every right to know. I called Sears and several dealers but not one would tell me the price of a central heat and air conditioner. I wonder why this is such a secret?

To make a long story short I just want all the people I called to know they lost a customer because they would not tell me the price I want them to know.

All I could get from them was I would get a rebate and low interest payments.

As I was going to pay cash, I could care less about the low interest part of the deal.

Maybe I am just a hard-nosed old 81-year-old man but I feel I have a right to know what I am paying for anything I buy up front, no matter what it is.


I am very angry over this, so much so I am keeping my old unit, which has not had any maintenance in 12 years except for one fan motor.

I feel there is no one who has the right to keep the price of anything they sell such a secret.


Salton City

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