Voice: Vote Bonnie Garcia for 80th Assembly District, Battin says

February 20, 2002

Imperial County voters will get their say in the direction California will take on March 5.

Now that liberal legislators have taxed and spent our state into a massive budget deficit, do we want higher taxes and less public safety? Or will we elect tough, common sense leaders committed to cutting the bureaucracy and refusing to raise taxes? I hope it's the latter, and that's why I'm supporting Bonnie Garcia for state Assembly.

Bonnie Garcia is living the American dream — she works hard, she's dedicated to her family, she's serving her community and she loves this country and all that it offers. Bonnie is a mother of two, with children in public schools, and her husband is a police officer. She is a former city housing director, serves on the board of the Inland Empire Lenders Community Development Corp. (helping small businesses) and serves on the Valley Health Partnership.


Bonnie's worked tirelessly to combat gangs, drugs and blight — she supervised successful crime sweeps that cracked down on illegal activities in public housing projects. And she secured $1.5 million in grants to combat crime and strengthen neighborhood crime prevention programs.

In the Assembly we can trust Bonnie to oppose new and higher taxes and any state budget that puts taxpayers further into debt.

Bonnie has what it takes to get California back on track. I know — I've worked side by side with her for over four years. I respect her abilities and have every confidence she will represent our area with great skill and enthusiasm

Many Imperial County leaders agree. Bonnie has earned the support of the El Centro Police Management Association, Imperial County supervisors Hank Kuiper and Wally Leimgruber, Holtville Councilman Allen Bailey and former Calexico Police Chief Tommy Tunson. She's also supported by the California State Firefighters Association, the California Republican Assembly, the California Police Chiefs' Association, Crime Victims United of California and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

On March 5, please join me in voting for Bonnie Garcia for state Assembly. She's the partner I want to have in Sacramento working for the Imperial Valley.


La Quinta

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