Thanks: Miss Southwest thanks

February 20, 2002

Southwest High School's string orchestra sponsored its second annual Miss Southwest Pageant on Feb 8. Thirteen woman students competed with charm and poise, beauty, brains and talent while wowing the audience and judges.

Thank you seniors: Gilda Barrancos and Cathy Fullerton, Sandra Ochoa, Zinnia Rivera, Norma Tabarez and Marisol Tavares. Thank you juniors: Jennifer Herrera, Erica Silva and Michelle Valenzuela. Thank you sophomores: Kristina Hansink, Adele Miles, Vanessa Moreno and Cassie Rapp.

Thank you judges who volunteered from local public schools: Desert Gardens Elementary Principal Kathy Brandenburg Imperial Valley College's Carlos Fletes and Central High's Stan Gienger.

Thank you teacher-hosts: Southwest High's Catherine Drew and Central High's Ron Nicholson.

And thank you teens in the audience from Central and Southwest highs for coming out and supporting the fund-raiser for our string orchestra trip to Seattle and Vancouver.




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