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Voice: What has Wally done? Vasquez the better choice

February 20, 2002

In answer to John Garcia since he doesn't live in Holtville.

I have to say not much. He did hand-carry a letter to Washington, D.C., at taxpayer expense, which could have been mailed for 34 cents, and he admitted he signed the budget that someone else made out. Also he has phoned me a couple times.

I think he had his picture taken with the prez, GB, and some congressmen. And he has taken a few trips at the taxpayer expense. He has done more in four years than the one before him. Sam "the Stop Sign" Sharp put in a stop sign that no one wants. He took a number of trips around the country at the taxpayers' expense.

So you see we are getting more for the buck than before with Wally. But as soon as Sharp got his eight years in he collected his money and left for the beautiful state of Arizona. He didn't run for a third term because the bib overalls didn't fool anyone. We got wise to his do-nothing attitude.


Wouldn't you working people like to be able to give yourself a raise every year and set the amount you will get? Also set your own wages, benefits and retirement and retire after only eight years and move to Arizona.

I wonder how long it would take a man that cleaned out monkey cages to make $400,000? And even more how long for a popcorn sale man?

Now you take Steven Vasquez. He knows hard work and he knows farming even though he is not a farmer (thank God). He got his experience at the end of a short hoe in the heat down here, while the big-shot field-burning farmer sat in his $35,000 pickup with the air conditioner on and gave orders to his minimum-wage foreman.

Yes, Steven know what it is to work for farmers' cheap labor and poor working conditions. But he pulled himself up. He already has a pension plan so we don't have to worry that is why he wants to be a supervisor. And he probably makes more than a supervisor does. He just wants to better this valley.



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