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coronado ousts central with a 4-2 decision

February 21, 2002|By MARIO RENTERÍA

Staff Writer

CORONADO — The Central Union High boys soccer team's season ended here Wednesday after a disappointing 4-2 loss to a much stronger and determined Coronado High Islanders squad.

Central started on a high note by generating a couple scoring opportunities but the Spartans couldn't capitalize.

The Islanders, however, didn't need much offensive power; they simply took advantage of Central's mistakes.

Some 15 minutes into the match, the Islanders scored when the ball was crossed off a corner kick by an Islander. After a couple bounces in the goal box, an Islander simply pushed the ball into the net.

For 15 minutes Central could not keep a hold of the ball. The Islanders were pressuring the Spartan defense, which seemed nervous and unmotivated.


Central goalkeeper Martin Lemus defended his goal, diving for every ball. Still, he couldn't block all the shot attempts.

In the 30th minute of the first half, the Islanders scored again on a play similar to the one that generated the first goal.

The Spartans again didn't defense a ball properly after a Coronado corner kick and an Islander attacker headed the ball into the net.

The Islanders scored their third goal seven minutes later off a controversial penalty kick. The referee called a foul on a Central defender inside the goal box.

A Spartan defender slid into a Coronado player, knocking the ball away but making unintentional contact. The referee quickly called the penalty kick, which Lemus could not stop.

Central finally scored a goal a minute after the Islanders' third score when Luis Beltran took a shot from outside the goal box. The shot was deflected by an Islander defender and changed its course to the other side of the goal.

The Islander goalkeeper was headed toward his left when the ball was deflected back to his right. The ball simply rolled past him and into the goal.

The score appeared to awake Central's spirits.

However, less than five minutes into the second half the Islanders scored their final goal.

In the 25th minute of the second half, the Spartans' Beltran scored his second goal.

Beltran's goal came off a penalty kick. A Central attacker was inside the box waiting for a cross when he was pushed in the back by an Islander defender.

Beltran shot but was blocked by the goalkeeper. Reacting off the block, Beltran shot the rebound into the net.

In the second half Central attempted to come back but was unable to generate much offensive power. However, the Spartans defense fought hard and kept the Islanders from scoring again.

The Spartans ended their season with an overall record of 8-12-4.

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