Junior exhibitors get livestock projects ready

February 21, 2002

With the California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta fast approaching — March 1-10 — junior exhibitors are busy getting their livestock projects into prime shape.

The theme for the 2002 fair is "Squeals on Wheels." Livestock projects are low for this year's fair. Both 4-H and FFA have seen a drop in livestock projects. Feb. 8 was the date that entries closed for this year's fair.

Livestock weigh-ins will be from 2 to 7 p.m. Feb. 28. That will be the date junior livestock exhibitors make up their minds as to what livestock projects they will enter at the fair. Most of those exhibitors have two or more livestock projects registered and until Feb. 28 they don't know which animal will be entered in the fair.

Below are the numbers of livestock for the 2002 fair, although the count will not be official until Feb. 28.

Swine, 315 total (includes breeding)


4-H: 211

FFA: 104

Veal, 121 total

4-H: 96

FFA: 25

Beef and dairy cattle, 39 total

4-H: 20

FFA: 14

Dairy cattle: 5

Sheep, 128 total (includes breeding)

4-H: 84

FFA: 44

The only way an exhibitor may enter two livestock projects is if he or she is enrolled in both 4-H and FFA. Local rule No. 48 — Market beef, lamb, goat, or swine and Holstein feeder calf limits states, "Each exhibitor may show two market animals but not two animals of the same species. Exhibitors will be allowed to pre-register and enter two animals each of two species (paying the appropriate entry fee), however, only one animal of each species may be brought to the fair. Market beef and Holstein feeder calves are the same species."

It is possible for a junior exhibitor belonging to both organizations to sell two animals in auction if the exhibitor win Grand Champion in FFA Beef and Reserve Grand Champion in 4-H Sheep. Technically, the exhibitor belonging to both 4-H and FFA usually sells only one livestock project at the fair; winning both Grand Champion titles in both 4-H and FFA is quite a feat.

Livestock judges for the 2002 fair are:

Sheep, John Nicewonger

Swine, John Mendes

Dairy market goat and pygmy goat, Donna Elkins

Rabbits/cavies, Dick Swanson

Poultry, Donita Blalock

Horse (Judge has yet to sign contract)

Beef (Judge has yet to sign contract)

>> Andrez S. Montiel is the 4-H youth development adviser at the University of California-Imperial County Cooperative Extension.

>>The Cooperative Extension serves all residents of the Imperial Valley.

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