Voice: Sugar cane could be big boost to Valley

Vesseys already are

February 21, 2002

It appears that the growing of sugar cane in the Valley will be a big boost to the economy, thanks to a few farmers in the Northend of the Valley.

If it is true that they will not burn any residue in the field it will help the air pollution. Also it will benefit the farmers who will switch from crops that need to be burned in the field to sugar cane.

I was taken wrong by one individual in Holtville about my comments regarding Jack Vessey's letter to the editor. In no way was I questioning their family's integrity. The Vessey family and all others, by their generous giving, help others they do not know. I congratulate them.

It is a wonderful feeling to have someone you do not even know say thank you for helping them better their selves. I know because of the scholarship I have established at Imperial Valley College. A young lady remarked to me she could not believe someone she didn't even know would want to help her so she might reach her goal of becoming an R.N. I am very proud that I am able do these things to help others in the Valley.


To Highline Farms, your cooler and pallet locations are an asset to Holtville. You are doing a great deal to improve the looks of your operation by planting of the trees.

And to the individuals who would like to give me a bus ticket to Alaska, keep your money, I can well afford to buy my own ticket to anywhere in the world.

You might consider sponsoring some Little League, soccer or something for the kids of Holtville like I did.



(Absentee farmer,


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