Voice: Maldonado has lived up to campaign promises

February 22, 2002

I'm supporting Mr. Rudy Maldonado for Imperial Irrigation District Division 5.

Mr. Maldonado ran on an agenda to protect our water, keeping power rates low, improve customer services, bring economic development to the Valley and improve employee working conditions, and to this day he is still working on it, as he has for the last four years.

The IID was going to lose a handful of big power users. If they were lost the rest of the Valley rate-payers would have to make up the revenue the IID was going to lose. (Big power users help keep power rates low.) Mr. Maldonado, working with the power department and the other board members, worked on improving customer relations with these big power users, keeping power rates low.

In economic development he is working to bring industry that is going to help bring good-paying jobs to the entire Valley, not jobs only to a particular town, and new industry helps keep power rates low.


The list is long on his achievements and the Valley is better for it. In customer service he goes to talk to customers to see how the IID can improve. On employee working conditions his goal is to have all policies apply fairly and equally, to quote Mr. Maldonado. (The rank-and-file employees are the core of the IID. They keep the lights on and the water flowing.)

Remember there were not electrical rate increases, blackouts, or shortages of electricity. Mr. Maldonado is a part of these great achievements.

One of Mr. Maldonado's strengths is he is not a politician. He is not going to say half-truths or exaggerate his achievements to get elected. He is honest and trustful, as his record has shown.

The record has also shown that exceptional service, superior quality, electrical and water rates at the lowest possible cost have been Mr. Maldonado's goals.

Imitation is a sincere form of flattery. Mr. Maldonado, you must be very flattered other candidates are using your agenda, but imitation is never as good as the original.

Mr. Maldonado has been good to the Valley. Help him continue working for you on March 5. Vote for Mr. Maldonado.



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