Carrillo, Livingston to receive ‘Monty' awards

February 22, 2002|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — Mayor Victor Carrillo and professor Nancy Livingston will be given "Monty" awards by San Diego State University's Alumni Association.

Each year, the association gives out awards to a select group of alumni and faculty.

The list of 19 winners was announced this week. A ceremony will be held in San Diego in April. Carrillo and Livingston were the only two local award winners.

Carrillo was recognized as a distinguished alumnus while Livingston was honored as a faculty member.

Carrillo graduated from the SDSU-Imperial Valley campus in 1974. He did his post-graduate work at the campus as well, earning a master's degree in education in 2000.

Carrillo was nominated by Imperial Valley campus alumni because "he has transferred knowledge gained at SDSU to many others as a leader and role model," according to the nomination letter sent to the Monty committee.


Carrillo has been a teacher for more than 22 years and a City Council member since 1996. He twice has served as the city's mayor.

Before Tuesday's City Council meeting, Carrillo was told about the award and given a hat and windbreaker by the vice president of the Valley's SDSU alumni association.

Carrillo said, "Consideration for this award is an honor itself."

Livingston is a teacher education professor at the Calexico campus.

Livingston is in charge of field experiences and pre-assessment of teacher education students in the classroom prior to their admission to the teacher education project.

This means she works with prospective teachers who must complete specific projects to gain entry to the teacher education program.

Asked about the projects she has supervised, Livingston said, "Oh, they have done things such as put together disaster kits for the school, safety posters for the cafeteria, disaster mapping, sand boxes or trophy cases for elementary schools and artistic murals."

The Chicago native moved to California when she was 5.

Livingston has taught at the Calexico campus since 1982 following a stint in the Long Beach Unified School District.

In addition to her field work, she has written grants that have netted thousands of dollars for a host of programs. She holds a doctorate in teacher education.

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