Voice: Leimgruber and his record unfairly lambasted

February 23, 2002

Wally Leimgruber — I support all that you've done the past four years and I'm looking forward to your fair, helpful leadership for the next four years.

Mr. Garcia: It's unfortunate that when our forefathers gave us the right to free speech, they didn't specify that it should be accurate and truthful. Your untruths published, unfortunately in this section, on Feb. 8 must be addressed.

If everyone could sling untrue, false, blatant lies in the form of mud at all the candidates, this Imperial Valley Press would have to become a 50-page tabloid publication. I try not to become affected by characters such as you, but this time you really got on my last nerve.

Wally Leimgruber has been an excellent, fair, diligent supervisor for all of Imperial Valley the past four years, especially the district he represents, the fifth district.


Following are the truths to the lies you allege. There was never an accusation of possible voter tampering in the last election.

1. Mr. Garcia, his opponent, was the first to congratulate him on a race fairly and well run.

2. Mr. Tirado, who was voted unanimously by the board, has done an excellent job of presiding as president of the board for the entire past year, 2001. All of the current supervisors look up to this leadership.

3. The $10 million Holtville school district bond that passed and is currently renovating this badly in-need local school was assisted in its passing by Wally Leimgruber.

4. If you care to review the attendance of the December board meetings you too would realize Wally attended every meeting held in December, amidst some personal circumstances — at times attending with a heavy heart.

5. You are brave to spout his earnings for the past four years. You've obviously not seen his W-2s issued by the county.

6. Let's not forget the Imperial County Sheriffs' Association — the largest law enforcement agency in the Imperial Valley — has endorsed Wally Leimgruber for re-election to the Board of Supervisors.

I am confident that the people in District 5 are looking forward to Wally's continued leadership on Imperial County's Board of Supervisors. If all employees of any organization read, interviewed, prepared, studied and became so deeply involved in their work as Wally has done, and will continue to do, we collectively could get his entire county in great shape.

Change doesn't happen over-night. If there isn't anything you can think of regarding Wally's work ethics, you can always, always say — "He's fair, and has the county's best interest at heart."



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