Voice: Farmer's life is not an easy one, but it provides much

February 23, 2002

In response to Mr. Garcia's several letters to this paper:

Mr. Garcia must seem to have a problem with the farmers in this county.

First, he must understand if there were no farmers in this county there would be no Imperial Irrigation District. He seems to think the IID is here to serve the communities but their sole operation is to service the farmer in this county, and contrary to popular belief, the farmer does not have the water guaranteed on the deed to his land. The federal government guarantees the water to this land. No matter who owns it, the water runs with the land.

Mr. Garcia just happens to be one of the takers. The farmers are the givers. Farming is the only endeavor that a man might engage in in his lifetime that gives back more than it takes.

A farmer can plant one seed and get back a thousand seeds and that's how we feed the world. I ask Mr. Garcia what he has ever contributed in his lifetime other than rhetoric to tear down those who are successful.


And speaking of successful, sir, I can name you a hundred farmers who have gone stone broke in their efforts to make a better life for themselves and all those who surround them.

So the next time Mr. Garcia feels that he has to belittle and condemn the farmers in the Imperial Valley, just remember if it weren't for the farmers here in the Imperial Valley, there would be no IID and he would be better disposed to think about things that matter to him and his family and leave the Imperial Valley farmer alone.

I can show Mr. Garcia how to make a small fortune farming. All he has to do is start with a large one.



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