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Our Opinion: Horne in IID Division 1

February 25, 2002

Imperial Valley voters have some tough choices come March 5. In many races there are more good, qualified candidates than there are seats available.

Imperial Irrigation District Division 1 is not one of those races.

During his first four-year term on the IID board, Andy Horne has been a zealous protector of the Valley's water rights who has shown he is more concerned with serving the needs of the common man than kowtowing to special interests. That is why some of those special interests loathe him so much and desperately want him off the board.

Horne also has proven to be a formidable battler outside the Valley for our way of life. At forums and workshops around the West, Horne might make a first impression of being an aw-shucks country boy, but soon everyone in the room knows he is bright, adroit and knowledgeable about the subject matter at hand.


Although we haven't agreed with his stances on every issue, Horne has been an exemplary public servant during his time on the board. He is open, sometimes painfully honest and accessible. With water deals and big power issues on the agenda, we can see no reason to replace Horne, even more so when his opponent is John Hernandez.

To be honest, we don't know where Hernandez stands on the issues because he declined to sit down for an interview with our IID reporter and wouldn't come in to speak to our editorial board.

We are, however, familiar with Hernandez. As a Central Union High School District trustee he was a disaster. He had a hand in many terrible personnel actions that robbed the Central district of talented, dedicated personnel, who were replaced by people of much less distinction. As a trustee Hernandez was rude to the public, school personnel and some of his fellow trustees. His boorish behavior only got worse when he became chairman of the board. Dissension and tumult flourished in the district during those times.

Hernandez was rewarded for his performance on the board by finishing last in a field of five when he sought re-election. One would think such a drubbing from the public would convince a person to stay out of the public eye. Not John Hernandez.

So when it comes to a choice of Hernandez versus Horne, there really isn't much need for mulling. Andy Horne is the clear choice for IID Division 1.

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