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Voice: Candidate insulting people's intelligence in race against Maldonado

February 25, 2002

Insulting our intelligence is not a way to get votes, as a candidate for the Imperial Irrigation District board is doing; he must think that the Valley voters are not very smart.

At the Brawley American Citizens Club forum he made a false statement that the IID board is putting the power ratepayers at risk by where all the IID vehicles are to be parked. He insinuates this will take more time to respond to an emergency.

Doesn't he know that exceptional service is a primary goal of the IID? In his newspaper ads he again makes false statements that the IID board is going to cut jobs and not have adequate staffing to meet the region's future water and energy needs. One more time, the IID's exceptional service is the primary goal.

As for attracting new business, again he makes false statements; all you have to do is look at the track record on economic development. As for the IID board being too busy on the water transfer and not knowing what's going on in the Valley, this shows me this candidate has no clue on what it takes to be an IID director and the commitment and hard work of all phases of the IID to keep the Valley power and water rates low. (And he wants to be a director?)


The false accusations that this candidate has made show the lack of respect for the IID board and the lack of respect to the voters of this Valley. (And he wants our vote.) The half of the IID management that doesn't want change, that wants to keep the status quo of no accountability and wasting money, they are actively making false accusations and spreading rumors that they hope will help this candidate be elected (flocks of a feather stick together).

This candidate can be narrowed down to two conclusions: one, he doesn't know what the IID board jobs and duties are (as per his statements and newspaper ads) and that's not a good thing, or two, he is not truthful. Not very good, either.

The IID is going in the right directions in part to the efforts of Mr. Maldonado. Let's keep it going on March 5. Vote for Mr. Maldonado IID board Division 5.



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