Subject to Change by Rudy Yniguez: The two faces of Bob FIlner, and next week's primary election

February 26, 2002

The best thing about liberalism is that liberals have no principles. They talk out of both sides of their mouths, and neither side makes any sense.

Take Bob Filner.

Here's a guy I wasn't going to write about at all for next week's primary, and then I sat down to watch the Olympics and there were his ads, ad nauseam. As a life member of the National Rifle Association and a member of the California Rife and Pistol Association, I was angered to see Filner wants to take away constitutional rights of those who live near schools.

From the sound bite in his ad, Filner would come into your home and take your firearms if you live close to a school. (Has anyone told this Cornell graduate the Supreme Court struck down a similar law passed under the sex president's administration just a few years ago?)

What makes Filner's assault on the Constitution worse is that, at the very least, any such law would violate the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause.


Filner is a hypocrite.

This is what he says about the Bill of Rights within the context of last year's terrorist attacks, ( "Even while fighting this new 21st century war, we must continue to maintain those bedrock civil liberties guaranteed in the 18th century Bill of Rights. If we are forced to give up such concepts as due process, rights of privacy, trial by jury, judicial review, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, and the right to consult an attorney, then the terrorists will have won."

Notice how in Filner's world the Bill of Rights does not include the right to keep and bear arms.

Another thing I've noticed about Filner, according to news reports, is that some veterans groups support him. It's easy to see why. One look at Filner's Web site shows he supports a lot of legislation for veterans, especially injured and disabled veterans.

Interesting, though, he has never served this country in uniform.

I don't understand how veterans who enlisted in the defense of this country to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic can support someone who would take away those very rights.

As a veteran, I'm embarrassed by Filner, and it makes me sick to know that due to redistricting he might replace a champion of our rights, Duncan Hunter, in the lower house of Congress.

Which constitutional rights will Filner go after next? Free speech? Free press?

For you Democrats, a better choice in next week's primary is Calexico resident Daniel C. Ramirez, a Marine Corps veteran. According to press reports, Ramirez supports our constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment, and is pro-life.

Ramirez sounds like a Democrat even I could support.

I could support Filner, as well, as long as my support is in the form of a bus ticket back to where he came from, Pennsylvania.

Moving on to other primary election races.

Like the Mexican-American Political Association, I support Bill Jones for governor.

MAPA president Ben Benavidez is reported to have said: "We simply saw Bill Jones as an honest, hard-working person who has a track record of community responsiveness, and not a pawn of the power-party brokers."

Gray Davis blew off the Mexican community by not attending MAPA's convention.

Prop. 40, another multi-billion dollar bond issue. Vote "no."

Prop. 41, voting machine modernization. Vote "no." The state has plenty of money to spend on new equipment if it is needed. The state should not float bonds to buy new equipment. So far, no one has proven new equipment is needed or that any new equipment will work better than what we already have. No manner of voting equipment is fool-proof.

Prop. 42, transportation taxes. Vote "yes." Those taxes should go toward the building and maintenance of our roads. Currently the money goes into the state's general fund and is being misspent, while our roads fall apart.

Prop. 43, the right to have all votes counted. Vote "no." This is merely a way for unhappy candidates and their sycophants to delay election results because they are unhappy with the outcome. Despite what phony experts say, in a secret ballot process such as ours it is impossible to know how a person meant to vote unless that person is asked. If you want to ensure your vote counts, use the machine properly.

Prop. 44, chiropractors. Vote "no." It doesn't appear to do what some claim it would.

Prop. 45, term limits. Vote "no." This is just a sneaky way to keep the same scoundrels in office.

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