Voice: Would Carrillo be a full-time supervisor?

February 26, 2002

The upcoming race for county supervisor of District 1, between the incumbent Antonio "Tony" Tirado and Mr. Victor Carillo reminds me of a past election.

It was the race between Mr. Luis Legaspi, incumbent and the challenger, Mr. Jim Fowler. Mr. Fowler was then the superintendent of the Calexico school district.

The question then was asked did Mr. Jim Fowler have enough time to be a school superintendent and a board supervisor? His answer was that he had such a good staff that the school district could function without him!

Two additional questions were asked: Why doesn't the school district fire Mr. Fowler and let the staff do his job? The second question was do we need a part time supervisor and a school administrator? If Mr. Carillo wins the supervisors race, does he relinquish his City Council seat?


If he does, I am assuming that the city of Calexico will need a special election to fill his council seat.

How much will that cost the city of Calexico? If that's the case, I am going to vote for a full-time supervisor, Mr. Tony Tirado.

P.S. I am registered to vote in Calecia, or should I say Calexico?


El Cajon

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