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February 26, 2002

report contributions

By RUDY YNIGUEZ, Staff Writer

Money is starting to come in for some of the candidates running for the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors.

The most recent deadline for the reporting period of Jan. 20, 2002, through Feb. 16, 2002, was Thursday.

Following is a list of candidates and the contributions they reported to meet that deadline. The forms are on file with the county Elections Department.

Division 1 candidate, Andy Horne.

Total contributions received this reporting period, $6,076.

Total expenditures, $3,663.50.


John Edney, El Centro, $100


Frank Miranda, Holtville, $100

Gerald Elijah, Brawley, $100

Randal Miles, El Centro, $100

Niel Horne, El Centro, $500

David Nuffer, San Diego, $100

P. Brian McNeece, El Centro, $100

R.J. Neild, El Centro, $250

J. Michael Dessert, El Centro, $200

Ralph E. Strahm, Holtville, $100

James E. and Heidi Kuhn, El Centro, $250

Phillip and Elise Heald, El Centro, $200

J.C. Reeves, Brawley, $300

Carson Kalin, Brawley, $1,000

John R. Benson, Brawley, $200

Loan to self, $5,000

Division 3 candidate, Lloyd Allen.

Total contributions received this period, $16,283.

Total expenditures, $11,359.51.


Bill Wiest Ranches Inc., Brawley, $500

Superior Cattle Feeders LLC, Calipatria, $1,000

Paul Cameron, Brawley, $100

Spruce Farms, Brawley, $500

Juan Chavez, Calipatria, $200

Border Valley Trading Ltd., Brawley, $100

Williams & Williams Hay Contracting, Brawley, $150

Clayton's Inc., Brawley, $250

TimCo Hay & Straw Sales, Calipatria, $500

Johnny B. Chavez FLC, Heber, $100

Ralph T. and Linnette Taylor, Brawley, $250

Mr. or Mrs. Jack R. Rutherford, Brawley, $100

Don or Ron Smith, Brawley, $100

El Toro Export LLC, Imperial, $250

Otis Kramer Ranch, Brawley, $300

J.R. Jordan, Brawley, $300

Bill and Gladys Moore, Brawley, $200

Lawrence Cox Ranches, Brawley, $500

Hector G. Zendejas, Calipatria, $100

John C. and Patricia Veysey, Brawley, $500

Tim Allen Farms LLC, Brawley, $250

Michael W. Morgan, Brawley, $1,000

Thomas and Janice Shank, Brawley, $200

Earle Sperber, Holtville, $250

Charles and Marilyn Smith, Brawley, $300

Michael and Sandra Kearney, El Centro, $100

James D. Walker, Westmorland, $100

John Grizzle Farming, Holtville, $100

IRWINCO, Holtville, $250

Rick Young Ranches, $1,000

Fish Partners George Ray-Fern Ray, Niland, $500

D&G Trucking, Brawley, $200

Carl and Ruth Williams, Brawley, $100

Phillip and Elise Heald, El Centro, $500

Richard A. Lyerly Jr., Calipatria, $100

Betty Young, Calipatria, $1,000

SP Rutherford, Brawley, $250

Barbara A. Smith, Brawley, $200

Jack Fleming Ranches, Brawley, $100

Sand Stone Marketing Inc., Westmorland, $200

Primetime Harvesting Inc., Westmorland, $200

Five Crowns Marketing, Brawley, $250

Barbara B. Mayer Farms, Brawley, $250

John R. Benson, Brawley, $250

Jack Bros. & M.C. Burney Inc., Brawley, $500

Golden Eagle Hay Co. Inc., Calipatria, $150

Robert Presley, Brawley, $100

Loan to self, $1,500

As of Monday, no other IID candidates filed contributions forms for the period ended Feb. 16.

The next filing deadline, for the period of Feb. 17 through Feb. 28, is Friday.

>>Staff Writer Rudy Yniguez can be reached at 337-3440.

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