Voice: Unfair attacks on Leimgruber's character

February 26, 2002

I had to respond to John Garcia's attempt at character assassination of Supervisor Wally Leimgruber.

He accused Wally of having something to do with a shortage of ballots in the last supervisor's race. Wally had no control over the number of ballots and besides the ballots could have been reproduced for voting purposes by the precincts.

He called Wally lazy. Now I know he doesn't know anything about him. The fact is Wally puts in about a 70-hour week and a six-day week most of the time. His hard work got him a federal appointment to the district advisory council. He tirelessly researches the impact decisions the supervisors make will have on this county.

Mr. Garcia seems to think Wally doesn't deserve his salary, making it seem he earns $200,000 a year. In fact that amount is spread out over his four year term. Many deputies and prison correctional officers make more than that. But Wally knows they deserve it, as I know he deserves to be paid for the work he does.


Mr. Garcia made insinuations about Wally being prejudiced against Hispanics. If that were true, why are some of his most dedicated supporters Hispanic?

He said Wally did not attend a meeting in December. Check the records; Wally was at all the meetings in December.

The current Board of Supervisors inherited a number of issues from the previous board. Wally, along with other supervisors, has methodically tackled each, trying to resolve each of them.

He said Wally had done nothing for his constituents. There isn't room to list all accomplishments, but here are a few. He helped divert 8,500 tons of toxic waste headed for our county. He helped save our county a large sum of money by getting the parties in a sexual harassment law suit against the county to settle out of court. He helped secure $242,000 in addition to $242,000 already given by the off-road coalition. He helped get a $9 million grant for Holtville schools so that local money could stay here.

The Wally I know is honest, hard-working and conscientious and not the man Mr. Garcia made him out to be. Mr. Garcia's letter came out on the same day as Wally's mother's memorial service. Mr. Garcia you added grief to his day, but his response was, "Let's pray for him."



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