Voice: Leimgruber, Tirado untruthful, should be voited out, Shores says

February 26, 2002

Reading the Feb. 17, Imperial Valley Press biographies of the candidates for supervisor District 1 and District 5, I was amazed by the comments of Supervisor Wally Leimgruber and Supervisor Tony Tirado, aka. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

Instead of utilizing the space to promote their accomplishments and what they plan for the future of Imperial Valley, they chose instead to attack me with an issue that they both know to be a lie, a lie first generated as a perception by the Imperial Valley Press, perpetuated by the candidates for supervisor a year and a half ago and now by the current members of the board running for re-election.

The "LIE" is that we, the Board of Supervisors, instigated by me, deprived and passed over Supervisor Tirado for vice chairman in 2000; that we "the board" had not followed the traditional rotation as set many years ago by a previous board.


The truth is we were following the rotation, as evidenced by "minute orders" available from the clerk of the board's office if anyone cares to investigate. The "order of rotation" at the time was as follows — district 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. In 1998 Supervisor Wayne Van De Graaff, District 1, was elected chairman, and because Supervisor Sam Sharp, District 5, declined and requested that Supervisor Tom Veysey, District 4 be vice chairman in 1999, Supervisor Sharp's request was honored.

In 1999 Supervisor Tom Veysey, District 4, was elected as chairman with the concurrence of newly elected Supervisor Wally Leimgruber, District 5, who was elected vice chairman. In 2000 Supervisor Leimgruber, District 5 was elected chairman, Supervisor Dean Shores, District 3 was elected vice chairman by unanimous vote of the Board of Supervisors.

It should be noted that I had asked Supervisor Cole if he would like to be vice chairman as he was running for re-election and was next in the rotation. He declined.

Supervisor Tirado would not have been vice chairman until this year 2002 and chairman if re-elected in 2003. However, because of campaign promises, the newly elected 2001 Board of Supervisors, to be "politically correct," changed the rotation to district 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to give poor Supervisor Tirado, the chairmanship for 2001 to make up for the vice chairmanship that was erroneously denied him by the previous board.

Both supervisors Tirado and Leimgruber know the truth. But rather than be men of integrity, honesty and truthfulness, they have chosen to be deceitful and blame others for their failures and their inability to take responsibility for their own actions.

It is my hope that the voters of districts 1 and 5 will give the challengers, Mr. Victor Carrillo and Mr. Steve Vasquez, the opportunity to represent them with integrity, honesty, truthfulness and self responsibility for the next four years.


Supervisor, District 3


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