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Voice: Culture and surname should not be the standar for good government

February 27, 2002

I have seen Imperial Irrigation District board members my wife and myself worked very hard to get elected jump into bed with the IID general manager.

Also, in the name of not micro-managing, they have erected an imaginable screen behind the GM so as not to see the $31 million yearly waste discovered by professionals.

This is money that belongs to you the bill-payers (water, electric). Everyone knows both have groomed Gilbert Grijalva to do the same. Gilbert indicated this in his Feb. 24 campaign ad. Management will run the board with the three allowing more bill-payers' money wasted.

If it bothers the GM to be reminded of the waste of bill-payers' money, so be it. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. The GM has to be of the type who will get the bull by the horns and stuff the bull in the IID hole wasting bill-payers' money.


IID employees have informed me IID management has wasted the bill-payers' money with:

1. $1 million plus cost overrun on the Dahlia Canal, Imperial.

2. $2 million cost overrun on Alamo Canal.

3. Paid a contractor twice for the same job.

4. Not billing Caltrans for work done in Coachella area. $3 million plus.

The list of oversight continues, but you should get the picture.

Management has demonstrated with bill-payers' money that management is not capable of policing itself.

I believe the board chose not to hold the GM responsible because he is "Mexican" and some board members don't want to rock the boat for fear of losing the "Mexican votes."

This is why only tough Latinos need to be voted on the IID board. We will police our own to the accountability we should expect from our elected officials. Culture and surname should not be the standard for providing good government.

Vote for candidates that will not be afraid to plug up the IID hole they agree is wasting our money. Ask them questions. Hold them accountable.


El Centro

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