PROBE: Feb. 28, 2002

February 28, 2002

PARTY IN ROCKWOOD — When I bought my groceries the cashier stuck a flyer in my bag. It said there was going to be a Vote Yes on Measure B rally in Rockwood Park on Sunday. There will be a jump tent and pony rides for the kids, free food (carne asada) and free BEER. The featured guest will be Mayor Victor Carrillo.

May I remind the mayor that Calexico has an ordinance against drinking beer in public parks? — Appalled, Calexico

Sure, and we will remind you there is a provision in the law for "special events." To make an event special, you spend $25 for a permit to serve beer in the park.

THE CALEXICO DRIVE-IN — You mentioned the El Centro, Brawley and Imperial drive-in movie theaters but you ignored the Calexico drive-in. It was at Highway 111 and Camacho Road.

You remember miserable evenings because the kids complained and spilled Coke. I was a kid and I thought the drive-in was fun. They had rides for the kids. In Brawley they had the little train.


It was hot in the car and mosquitoes bit you. My mom used to rub us with "Off," a repellent.

The snack bar sold something called Pik that you burned to drive away the mosquitoes. You took the top off and lit it. It smelled like incense.

Like you, my mom took food to the show. My dad took beer. My brothers and I always went to sleep before the end of the movie and my dad did, too. My mom was the only one who ever saw the end. — Boomer, Calexico

There also was a train at the Motor-Vu. It ran around the drive-in and through a tunnel, Donna Hampton of El Centro remembered.

ON THE CANAL BANK — The Brawley drive-in was on the corner of Legion Road and Highway 86. That was about a half mile north of Su Casa. In the summer if you opened the car windows, the flies came in. After it got dark you had to fight mosquitoes.

You could see the movie from the canal bank. There were always kids on the canal watching the movies. Sometimes adults would drive up there in cars to watch. — Remembering, Brawley

Memories like this makes us appreciate television.

FACING EAST IN BRAWLEY — You got it wrong. The screen at the Brawley drive-in movie faced west and the people looking at the screen faced east. At the El Centro drive-in on Highway 111, the screen faced north and audience faced south. — Straight Ahead, El Centro

OK, we got turned around, which is our natural mode.

MORE NAMES FROM 1952 — OK, PROBE readers, cut this out and keep your eyes peeled for more members of the Central High class of 1952 who shook off the El Centro dust and hit the road. A dragnet is out to notify them of their 50th class reunion in October.

Still lost are Angela Mastt, Barbara McElreath, Don McQuiddy, Sallie Morris, Clara Naliboff, Joyce Nielson, Mary Wolfe Parker, Beverly Payne, Frances Pereda, Melvin Schneider, Donna Stanton and Roger Upshaw.

And Clara Williams, Delores Wilson, Bob Workman, Nona Wyatt, Bobbie Young, Mary Bonillas, Lena Pearce Mapps, Ted Carter, Warren Hamilton, Lynne Gayton Hanson and Joan Wright Lowe.

If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, call Dan Nuffer at 352-4539.

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