Voice: Vote for Alex Perrone for Calexico City Council

February 28, 2002

Calexico has been a city in decline for the last 12 years.

First of all, we no longer have a hospital, considering the high percentage of senior citizens living in the city of Calexico.

Secondly, Calexico's Police Department is the least staffed in the Imperial County lacking policemen and traffic patrol.

Thirdly, the Calexico Fire Department is in critical condition, understaffed and lacking adequate facilities. This is really a problem since Calexico has the highest number of structural fires in the Imperial Valley. Also, there is only one ambulance driver for all emergencies. This means that one ambulance driver has to cover for a city of nearly 30,000 residents, not to mention the transient population from Mexicali.

These are some of the problems the city of Calexico has been facing for many years.

It is time for true change! Only an innovative, creative, community and goal-driven individual can make this change a reality. This person is Alex Perrone.


He is aware of these and many other problems in Calexico. He has lived in Calexico for most of his life. He has seen Calexico's decline and that is the reason he decided to stand up and really serve his community and work for a much needed change. Alex's work experiences have proven the kind of man he is.

Alex is the man Calexico needs. He is a team builder and has the knowledge and skills to work for both private and public sector.

Alex Perrone will work with and for the community. He will bring the prosperity, the improvement and the quality of life Calexico residents deserve. I challenge you to vote for Alex Perrone on March 5.



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