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Voice: Never any segregation at Mulberry School

February 28, 2002

Recently my cousin sent me the article on Mulberry School in which the article stated that the school had a separate classroom for minority students well into the 1950s. This is totally inaccurate. Segregation was never practiced at Mulberry School.

This notion is laughable in that the opposite is true. In my experience racial equality was taught at Mulberry School long before it was politically correct, when segregation was acceptable elsewhere.

My parents met at Mulberry School and my extended family made up the majority of the majority at Mulberry School throughtout the 50s and 60s, many times having sisters, brothers and cousins in each of first through eighth grades.

I vaguely remember a separate class for English as a second language, but that was in the 60s and was discontinued as soon as the students involved had a grasp of the English language.


I attended Mulberry School from 1956 until 1965. My dad started school there in 1929 and was a member of the Mulberry school board, serving many years as chairman while I attended school.

Any one of many of my cousins or sisters who attended Mulberry School can attest to the fact that no segregation existed at Mulberry school in the 50s or at any time, for that matter.

One of the aspects of my upbringing that I am most proud of is the fact that my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles celebrated racial diversity and taught their children racial equality generations before it became fashionable


Santa Maria

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