Voice: Help wal-Mart? Yeah right

February 28, 2002

I have seen political signs that read, "Help Wal-Mart" in and around Calexico. I bet some genius came up with that slogan.

Does Wal-Mart need our help? The richest corporation in the world that makes billions of dollars needs Calexico's help? Yeah right! Wal-Mart is the only company in Calexico that gets to keep 50 cents of every tax dollar earned.

Do the math. Since the early 90s it's probably over $15 million by now that could have gone to the city's general fund for police, fire and recreation, not to mention employees' salaries. That money, however, went back to Bentonville, Ark.

But they want our help. Yeah right! Wal-Mart wants votes to pass a resolution so they can build a million-square-foot sprawl that would sell everything under the sun. They say it will create more jobs, but for every two jobs created, three will be lost elsewhere in the city because many businesses will have to close.


What businesses? Those same businesses that have been supporting Calexico for many years. You know which ones.

Wal-Mart will pay their employees peanuts and let them work without benefits. You know, non-union jobs. They have thousands of stores and the management won't let their employees bargain collectively.

But they want our help. Yeah right! If they get our help they will close their store and open another one, leaving an empty big box. Of course, they wouldn't want to rent to anyone for fear of competition.

But they want our help. I say, yeah right! Imagine a Wal-Mart Super Center where you would park your car some 100 yards away. Convenient, right? Imagine tumbleweeds rolling down First, Second, and Third streets. Imagine Wal-Mart Super Center jacking up their prices when they are the only game in town. Now, who has choices?

But they want our help. Oh, yeah right!

People of Calexico, protect your community. Don't fall victim to the big lie. Wake up and vote YES on Measure B.

If you don't believe me, search the Internet under and for further information, look under "M" in your economics book for monopoly.

P.S. If Wal-Mart keeps lowering prices every day, why isn't anything free?



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