Voice: Bigger needs in Calexico than golf course

March 01, 2002

Why would Calexico "need" a golf course and not a better airport?

We may not need a better airport since most of our visitors walk over the border to Calexico, but there are way more important things than a golf course in Calexico.

If the man wants to golf, let him pay for the gas and drive himself to La Jolla's Torrey Pines golf course or Barbara Worth, which is where his father likes to fish anyway, in La Jolla. Tell Alex to ask his daddy to drop him off at the greens while he's out there spending his Calexico business profits on catching big fish as shown in his Cole Road office.

My tone might be sarcastic, but whose priorities is he defending, his own elitist needs or those of the Calexicans?

I would like to know how he based that decision regarding a need for the city.

I think we need to forget about the golf course idea and stop providing playgrounds for the middle- and upper-class folks of this city and help stop crime by creating playgrounds for the disoriented youth in Calexico, aka cholos y sus amigas.


I used to work for an after- school program in Calexico where I was saddened to see children trying very hard to just read and write in English. There are hundreds of other things this guy could have described as a need of Calexico instead of blatantly claiming we "NEED" a golf course.

I live in University Town Center, Monday through Friday and work in Sorrento Valley. I am not only registered to vote in Calexico but live in Calexico permanently.

Stop elitism in Calexico. Please make decisions that favor the underrepresented in our community.



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