Voice: Maldonado not showing up at forums, don't re-elect him

March 01, 2002

I recently became a citizen of this country and am proud to say that I will be voting for the first time in this up coming election of March 5.

In order to make informed decisions, I have been doing my "homework." I have been reading up on the propositions, talking to different people who are more familiar with the electoral process than I, and I have also attended some of the forums that different organizations of this county have sponsored.

I have noticed that Mr. Rudy Maldonado, Imperial Irrigation District director, District 5, who currently wants to be re-elected to this position, has been visibly absent from these proceedings, at least from the ones that I have attended.

I don't know Mr. Maldonado. We have never met. That is why I am making an effort to attend these forums, so that I will know whom I'm casting my vote for. But it seems that Mr. Maldonado does not want to take the time to attend these events.


I attended the forum sponsored by the Imperial County Taxpayers Association, the one sponsored by the Calexico Chamber of Commerce, and the one sponsored by the Imperial Valley College student council. Mr. Maldonado was not there. His assigned seat was empty.

I take it as a serious lack of respect toward the people who take the time and make the effort to organize these events, but most of all Mr. Maldonado isn't showing any respect to the constituents of this county. Do we want this kind of non-representation to continue on the IID Board? I don't.

On March 5, I know I am not voting for Rudy Maldonado.



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