Voice: Alatorre, Rios have other sides

March 03, 2002

I recently read your editorial regarding the endorsements for the Calexico City Council.

I feel that as you have the right to make your decision known to our community, I have the right to let our community become aware of the other side of one of the candidates your paper is endorsing. I am requesting that you print this letter so our community is rightly informed.

As a public figure you must accept positive/negative and constructive criticism. As I distributed some propaganda regarding Mr. Alatorre's accomplishments and failures after the debate, both Mr. Alatorre and a Mr. Fuentes, a follower of Ms. Lupita Rios, came at me.

The flyer that I was distributing at the meeting was an answer to the propaganda being distributed by these two candidates. Mr. Alatorre as well as Lupita Rios are lying and misleading our community by presenting themselves in an image of outstanding professional candidates.


I am not in agreement with your endorsement because I feel that Mr. Javier Alatorre has not done anything positive for our community. If we were to review all the minutes of the City Council meetings for the past four years we could enlighten our community as to how many times Mr. Alatorre voted favorably to better our community. Mr. Alatorre's favorite saying or slogan is and has been, "In order for me to make a sound decision I need more information and more back-up documentation."

Mr. Alatorre has not done anything to improve our safety, schools, fire, recreation and regarding housing issues, well, as you stated in your editorial he even walked out of a City Council meeting because he could not take the pressure from the community. You tell us how can this person be the best candidate to represent us?

Regarding Lupita Rios, how can she use the slogan, "An honest and professional woman," when your newspaper has published several articles stating that Mrs. Rios had been misleading in the application submitted to the tax credit committee to fund the Victoria Manor Apartments? Another source of information numbering her horrendous administration skills was the report issue by Mitchell & Titus accounting firm, which lead to her firing as the executive director.

I respect your opinion but it is also important that our community is aware of the other side of these two candidates.



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