Candidates in Calexico council race disclose contributions

March 03, 2002|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — Six candidates of nine running for two seats on the Calexico City Council filed statements detailing their campaign contributions.

The election is Tuesday.

The three who didn't file: school librarian Sylvia Bernal, law enforcement officer David De Leon and handyman Carlos Rocha.

All three did not need to file since they haven't received more or spent more than $1,000, according to City Clerk Lourdes Cordova.

Bernal said, "I haven't received any donations. I've been doing it on my own."

De Leon said, "I've only spent $188."

Rocha said he did not raise or spend more than $1,000 in donations.

The deadline to file for the candidates who have received or spent more than $1,000 was Feb. 22. Candidates who did not meet that deadline will be fined $10 for each business day they were late, Cordova said.


Those who filed:

· Incumbent City Councilman Javier Alatorre reported $9,248 in donations between Jan. 1 and Feb. 20. He has spent $8,364. He filed Feb. 22.

Alatorre received individual donations of $500 or more from: Israel Alatorre of Calexico, $1,000; Modesta Escoto Alatorre of Calexico, $1,000; Andrew Smith of Salinas, $500; Michael Lowen of Calexico, $500 and Wen Chang of Burlingame, $1,000. Alatorre loaned himself $2,000. He received $600 in goods from Luis Fuentes of Calexico for an at-home fund raiser.

· Retiree Henry Legaspi reported $9,237 in donations between Jan. 1 and Feb. 16. He has spent $6,900. He filed Feb. 20.

Legaspi received donations of $500 or more from: Poirez Properties Inc. of Calexico, $500; Calexico Developers of Calexico, $500; Ramiro Trucking, $1,000 and Valley Grain of El Centro, $500. He loaned himself $2,468.

· Director of Calexico Neighborhood House Ricardo Ortega reported $6,032 in donations between Dec. 19 and Feb. 20. He spent $4,912.74. He filed Feb. 22. Ortega received a $1,000 donation from Juan Carlos Gonzalez of Calexico.

· Businessman David Ouzan reported no donations. He spent $6,834. He filed Friday.

· Alex Perrone, economic development coordinator for El Centro's Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program, reported $4,600 in donations. He spent $4,505. He filed Friday.

Perrone received donations of more than $500 from: Isabel Perrone of Calexico, $1,500; Marco Perrone of Calexico, $1,000, and Georgina Perrone of Calexico, $1,500.

· Freelance consultant Lupita Rios reported $2,930.95 in donations between Jan. 1 and Feb. 21. She spent $2,930.95. She filed Feb. 22.

Rios received a $500 donation from Border Cab Inc. of Calexico. She loaned herself $2,132.95.

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