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Candidates in sheriff's race disclose contributions

March 03, 2002|By DARREN SIMON, Staff Writer

The candidates for county sheriff, incumbent Harold Carter and challenger Ernie Mendoza, have raised thousands of dollars for their campaign efforts and have spent thousands.

Carter has received and spent about three and half times the amount that Mendoza raised and has spent, according to the expenditure reports.

The following list of contributions was filed by both candidates as of Friday's filing deadline.

The list does not include contributions under $100.


Contributions — $41,992.26

Expenditures — $41,233.04

Val-Rock Inc., Seeley; $1,000

Brenda Scaroni, Heber, $1,000

Niraj Vishnu Patel, El Centro; $1,000


Boyd Wilson, El Centro; $500

Corrections Services Corp., Sarasota, Fla.; $500

Argia, Holtville; $500

Thomas R. Cannell, Salton City; $500

Rodney Foster, Brawley; $500

Vessey & Co., El Centro; $500

John C. Veysey, El Centro; $500

Lawrence Cox Ranches, Brawley; $500

L.C. Samples, Carlsbad; $500

Brandt Co., Brawley; $500

Donald Gibson, Brawley; $500

Paul Redden, Chula Vista; $500

Clark Seybert, Brawley; $500

Stan's Auto Body, El Centro; $500

Vince Sanchez, Holtville; $400

Dennis Kern, El Centro; $400

John Ryerson, El Centro; $300

Fernando Rivas, El Centro; $300

Federal Home Loans Corp., San Diego; $300

Fae Machado, Holtville; $300

Shelburne Services, El Centro; $300

West Coast Communication, Upland; $297

Rhoberta H. Gibson, Brawley; $250

John Grizzle Farming, Holtville; $250

Hardaway Heating & Air, El Centro; $200

Tom Brady & Sons, Holtville; $200

Earle Sperber, Holtville; $200

Gladys Moore, Brawley; $200

Clem Muller & Son, Holtville; $200

Eleanor Delfino, Brawley; $200

El Centro Car Wash, El Centro; $200

Arnold Cheatwood, Brawley; $252

Jesus Terrazas, El Centro; $223

K-C Manufacturing, El Centro; $200

Farrar Golf Industries, San Diego; $198

M. Joanne Housouer, Holtville; $198

Mark Herschberger, El Centro; $198

Gary Mamer Farms, Brawley; $150

Horizon Farms, Holtville; $150

V.R. Corfman, Brawley; $150

Heddy Thomason, El Centro; $150

David Prince, Winterhaven; $125

Sharon M. Housouer, El Centro; $124

Steve Evangelist, El Centro; $124

Paul Longoria, El Centro; $124

Margaret Wright, Tennessee; $120

Vincent Paz Sanchez, Holtville; $120

Kay Rose, El Centro; $112

A.N. Jack Farming, Brawley; $100

Paul Cameron, Brawley, $100

Ed Wong, El Centro; $100

Cheryl Keithly, Holtville; $100

Robert Mason, Phoenix; $100

Ed Snively, El Centro; $100

Frances E. Lewis, El Centro; $100

Jonnie Jean Bolin, El Centro; $100

Mrs. Jack Rutherford, Brawley; $100

Cameiro Heifer Ranch, Brawley; $100

Michael Morgan, Brawley; $100

J.R. Jordan, Brawley; $100

D.D. Brown, Brawley; $100

Tina Cox, Brawley; $100

Gallery Furniture, Calexico; $100

Burgers & Beer, El Centro; $100

Evelyn Thornburg, Holtville; $100

Margaret Sperber, Holtville; $100

Linda Mersereau, El Centro; $100

Sylvia Nelson, Holtville; El Centro; $100

Mary Mealey, El Centro; $100

Margaret Wacker, Imperial; $100

Denise Smith, Brawley; $100

Dean Shores, Imperial; $100

William Quan, El Centro; $100

Alexa Westmoreland, Imperial; $100

Manuel M. Garcia, Seeley; $100

Genevieve Matherly, El Centro; $100

Border Valley Pressing, Brawley; $100

Floyd Enterprises, Imperial; $100

James Houston, El Centro; $100

Joy L. Hook, Carlsbad; $100

Rogers & Rogers Nissan, Imperial; $100

John Malmquist, Carlsbad; $100

Locke Air Conditioning, El Centro; $100

James Hackett, San Jose; $100

Glenn Sarot, El Centro; $100

Billy R. Carver, El Centro; $100

Ronald and Frances Lucas, El Centro; $100

Joseph Vogel, El Centro; $100

Paul F. McNeece, El Centro; $100

Linda Foote, El Centro; $100

Thomas Topuzes, El Centro; $100

Walter J. Leimgruber, Holtville; $100

Gilbert Moreno, El Centro; $500

Salvador Obeso, Winterhaven, $100


Contributions — $12,015.99

Expenditures — 11,215.33

Robert A. Green, San Diego; $1,000

Merced Hernandez, Calexico; $1,000

Michael T. Lowen, Calexico; $1,000

Stella Mendoza, Brawley; $750

Ernie Mendina, Calexico; $500

Lilia Sandoval, El Centro; $200

Roberto Espinosa, El Centro; $150

James Alex, Imperial; $100

Eugene Lopez, Holtville; $100

Carlton A Hargrave, Calexico; $100

Louis Zendejas, Calipatria; $100

Samuel B. Santillan, Brawley; $100

Henry Alba, Brawley; $100

Monica M. Leon, El Centro; $100

Sylvia Ruiz, Seeley; $100

Jesse Lorea, El Centro; $100

James Alex, Imperial; $100

Dave Gunther, El Centro; $100

Loan to himself: $950

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