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Calexico, Mexicali signs mutual aid and support agreement

March 03, 2002|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — Calexico Mayor Pro Tem John Renison and Mexicali Mayor Jaime Diaz Ochoa signed a mutual aid and support agreement Friday, bonding the sister cities to protect and defend U.S. and Mexican citizens along the border.

As per the agreement, the Calexico Police Department will give two Kawasaki 1,000cc motorcycles and 21 bulletproof vests to the Mexicali Police Department.

Diaz vowed Mexicali police would support and coordinate crimefighting efforts with Calexico police.

After the ceremonial signing, Renison said he would like to see the agreement bring about increased security for both cities and benefits for both economies.

Renison said he is confident it will because of the long history of friendship between Diaz, Baja California Gov. Eugenio Elorduy Walther and the city of Calexico.


Diaz said, "It's good to be here with you, with my friends in Calexico."

He said positive changes have been affected in his first few months in office but, "We need to do more, more commercial opportunities, more economic diversity."

Diaz is optimistic about the prospects for the future due to the "harmony exhibited by the council."

After the speeches, Diaz handed Renison an engraved silver platter.

Mayor Victor Carrillo was scheduled to take part in the ceremony but he had to leave moments before its start due to a family emergency.

Before the ceremony, Mexicali Police Chief Efrain Guevara Morales said the motorcycles would be utilized right away.

"We only have 30 on the streets now. That's not much," he said.

Regarding the challenge of working for a mayor who has been a police chief himself, Guevara said, "(Diaz) is very active; demanding of quality work. Even if he wasn't chief he would be the same way. Because he was, he has more knowledge.

"He knows what he wants to see."

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