Voice: Good reasons to vote no on Measure B

March 04, 2002

Why should voters of Calexico vote "no" on Measure B? Let me first preface it with this. Sales tax provides much-needed money to the city's general fund that goes toward adequate police and fire protection, parks and recreation, library services and an ample budget for administration to administer its operations.

By placing restrictions on commerce, as Measure B would do and which the Imperial Valley Press supports, it is in complete opposition to what the general principal of private enterprise is all about. Measure B will only hurt the consumer and keep big business out.

You must seriously consider, as you should be, that over 600,000 Mexicali citizens qualify to cross into Calexico. It is evident that the central business district that is comprised of First, Second, Third and Fourth streets, cannot meet the demands of this large number of consumers.

Simply put, there is plenty of room for small, medium and large commercial business. The city of Calexico cannot continue to survive at its current housing development pace if it does not balance it with expansion of commercial business and industry.


So what's next? Maybe Measure C, which will keep chain automotive repair shops out; then Measure D that will limit chain clothing stores to no more than 400 square feet of apparels? Measure B will only serve as a negative precedent that will drive big business out of our city and much less attract them.

A few questions to the Imperial Valley Press. Will you make the same suggestion to the proposed big box in El Centro? What are your real motives? Could it be that El Centro will then be at an advantage at securing Target, a super center Wal-Mart and other big business?

By voting "no" on Measure B, you will assure Calexico maintains a steady flow of revenue to sustain a good quality of life we all deserve.



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