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Voice: Ouzan caring and considerate

March 04, 2002

I'm here to tell you why I have pledged my support to one candidate for this Tuesday's Calexico City Council race, and that is David B. Ouzan.

Now please hear me out. Although to many he may be considered an outsider and not from the establishment, I'm here to tell you about one of his most admirable traits, his loyalty. Awhile back David befriended me when I was going to embark to Washington, D.C., to serve as a White House intern. We are all aware of the fact that you do not recieve a salary as an intern, and I only had a paltry sum saved to sustain me in Washington, D.C.

Yet David who was unknown to me, heard about my opportunity and was kind enough to contribute some financial support to take back with me. I was overwhelmed by his kindness and generosity because unfortunately some people who I have known my entire life were not willing to extend the same courtesy, and here was a man who met me once and believed in me.


Once I went to Washington, David continued to write and keep in contact with me. Not only did he display his generosity to me but he listened and continued our friendship thoughout the years.

When I was in Florida for the historical recount, all of the staff who had been working endlessly on the Gore campaign had become homesick and our spirits had been trampled on. Yet one day in Florida I recieved a Christmas card and it was from David. He expressed his empathy for me by stating, "I am sorry about the Florida recount but I want you to know that I voted for your guy."

After I lost my job after the recount I rebounded and was fortunate to attain my dream job by continuing to work as a political consultant in Latin America, which I am very passionate about. I was able to do this by the demonstration of kindess from others and their belief in me, such as expressed by David.

Therefore, I pledge my loyalty and will help you at no cost, because you believed in me, and I believe in you, and while many Calexico "spinmeisters" and candidates may think that I am offering my consulting services to your campaign, little do they know that I am offering the biggest gift of all, one's loyalty and friendship. So let's put this rumor to rest.

So Dave, thanks from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, and I wish you luck this March 5. Vote for David B. Ouzan.



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