Voice: Mendoza not at Sheriff's Office much lately, so how would he know?

March 04, 2002

I am writing this letter to let the voters of Imperial County really know what is going on at the Sheriff's Office.

I am so tired of hearing Ernie Mendoza say that the morale in the department is down. How would he know? He is never there. He (Mendoza) has been off work for most of the past six months. Ernie Mendoza says that Sheriff Carter is not accessible — Mendoza is the person that hasn't been accessible. The few days he did come to work he didn't even check in with the corrections division he is responsible for.

Sheriff Carter always makes time to meet with employees who would like to speak with him, regardless of their position within the department.

Sheriff Carter cares about his employees. To help build morale Sheriff Carter implemented the employee-of-the-month program. Since he took office we had our first-ever family picnic and held two family awards ceremonies. Morale is the best I have ever experienced! Please remember, it is impossible to please everyone all the time.


Sheriff Carter has created needed new positions within the department and has given job opportunities to more than 110 individuals in the three short years that he has been sheriff.

I take it very personally when Ernie Mendoza says that Sheriff Carter is not accountable. I work in the sheriff's fiscal division. One of the first things Carter did when he took office was have an outside accounting firm perform an audit. Carter is very accountable for his areas of responsibility.

If you come to the Sheriff's Office you will see changes everywhere. Sheriff Carter has made possible the remodeling of several divisions, with more to come. We have a new training facility and he is the in process of acquiring a second facility to expand and coordinate training efforts with other local agencies.

A note to absentee voters. Your ballot must reach the Elections Office by March 5. If they receive your ballot after March 5 (regardless of postmark) your vote will not count. Voters of Imperial County we cannot afford to lose Harold Carter as our sheriff, he is a man of honor and integrity. Please join us in voting for him on March 5!


Sheriff's Office employee

El Centro

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