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Voice: On election day, will your polling place have poll workers?

March 04, 2002

Primary election day on Tuesday is around the corner. Registered voters are needed to work at the polls.

There are 76 polling locations throughout the county, and of the 76 polling places there are 15 that need a full board, meaning four poll workers each. As of Feb. 25, the following locations have no poll workers.

In El Centro at El Centro City Hall (four), Church of Religious Science (four), De Anza School (four), First Baptist Church hall (four), and Meadows Union School (four). In Heber, Sacred Heart Church Hall (four); in Calexico at De Anza senior center (four), school district administration center (four), women's club (four) and Camarena Memorial Library (four). At Seeley Sunbeam RV Park (four) poll workers; in Brawley workers are needed at First Baptist Church (four), Assembly of God (four), St. Margaret Mary's Hall (four).

At a minimum an additional 25 poll workers are needed at all other precincts and at a maximum another 50 poll workers are needed in the event a worker is unable to meet their responsibility because of an unanticipated emergency.


A total immediate need of 85 registered voters is needed to open polling locations on election day! For backup, another 50 more are desired.

Poll workers are the backbone of an election. Without them the election cannot happen.

I appeal to the voters to please volunteer and fill the vacancies in your community. Call the Elections Department at 482-4226. I urge retirees to volunteer and employers to consider giving at least one employee a day off to work at a polling place. I ask employees to consider taking a vacation day and work at a polling place at this election and others.

A polling place has one inspector and three clerks. The inspector oversees the operation of a polling location. Poll workers start at 6:30 a.m. and work until about 9 or 9:30 p.m. The stipend is minimal.

I urge voters to be patient with poll workers who are basically volunteers who deserve to be congratulated for their willingness to step forward and accept this huge responsibility. Registered voters, please volunteer.


Imperial County clerk/recorder/registrar of voters

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