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Voice: Challenging Yniguez's assertions about Filner

March 04, 2002

I would like to respond to the opinion column in your Tuesday edition by Mr. Rudy Yniguez commenting on his views of Congressman Bob Filner. The bulk of the comments are so ridiculous they do not warrant consideration. but I must take exception in the remarks alleging Bob is a hypocrite on veterans issues.

As a 30-year combat arms veteran of the U.S. Army, having served my country in numerous overseas assignments, to include Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, I feel that I may have some degree of expertise on who would be the best champion for veterans.

Congressman Bob Filner's actions on veterans' issues speak for themselves — it is a matter of public record. Increase VA health care benefits, improved survivor benefits, greater education benefits under the Montgomery GI Bill, improved processing of claims at Veterans Hospitals — are all examples of the types of things Bob Filner has worked tirelessly to bring about in Congress.


My belief in his genuine devotion to ensuring all veterans receive the support they have earned is one of the many reasons I am proud to serve on this man's staff.

Mr. Yniguez, thank you for your service to our country. I respect your opinion but must disagree with your conclusions. Your future will be in good hands with Bob Filner representing you in Congress.


Chief of staff

Congressman Bob Filner


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