Voice: One vote for Legaspi, another for Carrillo

March 04, 2002

In the summer of 1967 I arrived in Calexico for an interview with Carl Varner, superintendent of schools, for the positions of head counselor and head wrestling coach. I was accepted and arrived in our fair city in August of that year. It rained for a week and the city was carpeted with crickets.

The eastern boundary of the city limits was on the west side of C.N. Perry. We were a small town; everyone knew who was doing what to whom.

My wrestling teams were the power in the Imperial Valley and Southern California in the early 70s. At that time it included teams from Indio, Coachella and Palm Springs. Many of my championship wrestlers are now members of our Police Department, Fire Department and paramedics or are doctors, teachers, computer engineers, etc.

One of my wrestlerettes is the wife of a candidate and many others are serving their community in their occupations and service to the community in general.


During my tenure at Calexico High, Henry Legaspi was the school board president. We had a few run-ins but there was never a doubt in my mind his best interests were for the community in general.

Times they have a changed! The city and county have grown tremendously and are in dire need of educated leadership, e.g., vote Henry Legaspi for City Council and Victor Carrillo for county supervisor.

Henry Legaspi, based on his education and experience, is unquestionably the most qualified candidate for City Council. His supervisory positions with the Imperial Irrigation District combined with his many community service experiences; school board, commissions, city manager, etc., uniquely qualify him as the most knowledgeable and therefore the best choice for our city. I told Henry he's too modest and too honest to be a politician … we don't need another politician, we need a doer.

Alex Perrone may well be the next best choice to fill the remaining vacancy on the City Council. Youthful exuberance and ideas combined with the wealth of knowledge and experiences of a Henry Legaspi … a winning combination.

Measure B: I'm still wavering on this issue. A question of sorts: It is said Wal-Mart only pays 50 cents on the tax dollar. If our neighbors to the south of us, Mexicali, are the majority shoppers at Wal-Mart and therefore are the payees of the 50 cents, would we be losing even this amount if there were no Wal-Mart?

I frequent many businesses in Calexico. I see many Mexican license plates at Wal-Mart. I see many Mexican license plates at Vons. One thing I'm certain of, Apple Market is a community business and I would not want to see them forced out of business. This would be my main reason for a "yes" vote.

One thing that bothered me was the "big lie" brochure showing comparative prices. If Wal-Mart were charging higher prices, I would shop somewhere else.

… A "one vote" City Council voter for Henry Legaspi, P.S.

In reference to Victor Lopez's "wimps" comment in the Voice of the People on Friday, it should be noted the candidate in question has been warned by City Hall that it will cost him $10 a day until he discloses his campaign contributions. And, Lopez' letter was, in and of itself, a little "wimpish" … one should also research the background of candidates prior to making an intelligent choice … family values, ethics, etc.

In fairness to the candidates, the forums, save the possibility of the City Hall forum, have been somewhat "wimpish" … the question of campaign contributions and ethical values were never broached.

Obviously, I'm not in total disagreement with the letter.



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